Tuesday, August 23, 2011

home made tastes better on hand made

As I've been monopolizing much of the post space here during the Eat Local Challenge, you've seen a lot of what I eat as well as the dishes, etc. I use every day. I've had a few messages and questions about them from folks who don't already know me, and thanks very much for the kind words. Yes, I make pottery, and while most of what you see is on my work, I also collect the work of friends, colleagues and other potters I admire, so you'll see a wide range.
day 13 lunch was on one of my plates
my day 1 and 2 entry, also on one of my plates
But shameless self promotion isn't what this post is about (but how can it be helped!?). I think my love of food, in everything from learning about it to preparing it to sharing it, is one of the things that added to my instant love of making pottery. I saw in immediate connection in what I could make in the studio to what I can make in the kitchen, and that inspiration and motivation continues today.

day 15 dinner in a bowl by Massachusetts-based Mark Shapiro

One of the first things I noticed when I started using my first finished pieces: I cared more about how I used them. Not that they were so precious they had to be put in a special case and carted out only for special occasions, not at all. These were (and still are) the pieces I want to use every day, and I swear the food just looked and tasted better on and in them. And it made me start thinking about what I was putting on and in them - why would I waste all the effort, care, and love I put into making this bowl by filling it with processed crap that comes from who knows where? 

day 9 juice in a sweet little espresso cup by Chloe Rothwell
I started to care even more about the food I make when I started to make the dishes I use. And I see that connection happen with people who start to collect hand made. When I entertain I bring out the full compliment of plates, bowls, cups, etc. from potters all over. It's great to watch as friends carefully select "who" they want to use for wine or dinner, and that appreciation and respect carries over to what I prepare and serve, and it leaves with each guest.

day 4 breakfast on one of my favorites by
NC potter Shawn Ireland (mug by me)

I'm very happy that I get to experience this with every meal I prepare at home, be it with my own work or in my much-used and much-cherished pieces by other artists. And with the Eat Local Challenge, it gets even better because my carefully prepared meals, served in my lovingly made dishes, come from passionate farmers and creative neighbors who pour their own spirit into their work. 

day 10 goodness in a bowl by Atlanta potter Luba Sharapan.
Every bite is community, and a reason to be grateful.

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