Friday, August 12, 2011

Eat Local Challenge, day 12

Yet another day of furious running around before going to work, resulting in no time to cook up any of the lovely meals I dreamed up last night.  Luckily, I work next to Roux restaurant in Biltmore Park.  Chef Randy Dunn shops the same markets I do, and his dishes are inspired both by his grandmother's kitchen and what's in season.  Not only that, Roux recycles cooking oils into bio fuel, recycles all mixed use items (glass, plastic, paper, etc.), uses solar hot water and environmentally friendly chemicals for cleaning.  In addition to what Chef Randy finds at the markets, Roux has partnerships with many fine local vendors. 
The 30 Mile Burger from Roux 

So it's easy to eat local off this menu, but even better, one of the featured lunch items right now is the '30 Mile Burger'.  All ingredients are sourced within 30 miles or less from the restaurant, and it's really, really good too!

Tonight I start playing with some of the great veggies I picked up at the co-op, and tomorrow morning I'll make a quick trip to the Tailgate Market so I can pack my lunch and dinner for the rest of the weekend.

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