Thursday, August 4, 2011

Eat Local Challenge, day 4

With so much wonderful fruit in season, I've been eating or juicing more of that for breakfast, but some days you just gotta have a bagel & egg.  Local eggs from Mudluscious Farms, bagels from Home Free Bagels*, and locally roasted coffee from Dynamite Roasting Company

*I give Home Free Bagels an extra * because they're so much more than just a local producer of bagels.  They are social entrepreneurship at its very best, AND they're really good bagels!  "Home Free Bagels is operating on behalf of the Asheville Homeless Network and aims to provide NYC-quality bagels to customers that are committed to supporting the local economy, both through buying locally made products and employing city residents that would otherwise have great difficulty finding jobs."

I encourage anyone within reach of Asheville to come try them and to support this wonderful venture.

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