Sunday, August 14, 2011

Eat Local Challenge, day 14

Ah, Sunday!  I remember a time when I had a more conventional job, and Sunday had the potential to be the lazy morning of the week: big pot of coffee, Sunday NYTimes Crossword, CBS Sunday Morning on the tv,  and something more than the usual quick eggs/cereal/juice kind of breakfast with the dog waiting faithfully by to clean up any droppings or what's left on the plate.

So here we are today, no tv and no subscription to the NYT, although I do still get the puzzle from generous friends or careless diners (seriously, who keeps the financials and leaves the magazine?!).  I still get my fair share of coffee and even if I'm running out the door to work of some kind, it's still fun to put together a "Sunday" breakfast.  And there's still a dog waiting eagerly to do the floor/leftover duty.

I have this or some variation at times during the week, yet I still consider it a "Sunday" breakfast.  Today's includes a Home Free Bagel, goat cheese from Spinning Spider, tomato from a friend's garden, eggs from Mudluscious Gardens and basil from my own.  

"drop it, oh, please drop it!!"

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