Saturday, August 13, 2011

Eat Local Challenge, day 13

It was a little foggy and cooler this morning - perfect weather to hit the market! I didn't have too many things on my list since I'd been to the co-op and markets earlier in the week, but you never really know what you need until you see what's coming out of the trucks, so I decided to plan my lunch by what I found among the stalls.

I picked up the elements for a nice 'market lunch' to take to work with me today:

My favorite baguette from Simple Bread makes a great sandwich with some Hickory Nut Gap Meats proscuitto and a lovely young goat cheese from Spinning Spider.  I was able to scrape the last, spicy bits of goodness from a jar of Lusty Monk mustard - packing this for later without taking a bite was not easy!  A couple of crunchy, garlicky dills from Cultured Foods are the perfect compliment.  Man, all the kids on the playground are gonna be lusting after my lunch!

I'm also packing a little of the slaw using earlier co-op & farm purchases -  savoy cabbage with carrots & apple in an aged balsamic vinaigrette.  

Is it lunchtime yet?

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