Sunday, August 7, 2011

Heirloom Tomatoes

Re-posted with permission from Big Fat Art Cloth. A definite 'sexy of the season' nominee.

heirloom tomatoes

I've got bushels of this heirloom tomato right now.  I'm busy making velvety tomato sauce to freeze for the winter.  I mean look at these beauties.

They glow with orange-red tomato goodness.  They look like little pumpkins.  They are called Costoluto, a traditional Italian heirloom known for it's deep red color, lobes, and for being heavy with juice.  I can attest to all of that.  They are sweet and mild.  I've been eating one cut up on top of a toasted pimiento cheese sandwich about every other day.

I also have a few acorn squash coming.  I'll bake them with butter and brown sugar.  Of course.

My other heirlooms are just starting to ripen so I'll keep you posted.  They are large, smooth, and a swirly pink chocolate color.

Dear Lord I love tomatoes.

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