Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Eat Local Challenge, day 9

I'm shocked that it took me 9 days into this challenge to share one of my very favorite ways to enjoy seasonal fruits and vegetables - juicing!

Now, one of my favorite indulgences is to spend long hours pouring over a good meal preparation and time in the kitchen producing what can almost be a live theater event.  And even whipping a quick snack or meal up with a few ingredients is a very joyful event when those ingredients have just been purchased from a farmer who has just recently harvested them for my enjoyment and nourishment.  I started juicing over the winter months; I wanted to try it for all the espoused health benefits, and it seemed a good way to prep ahead for a busy day.  I juiced various combinations, put them directly in some tightly sealed jars and I had delicious, healthy sippee cups all day long!  Oh and from there you move on to smoothies, but perhaps another post.

Normally, I would make sure to have an apple or some citrus in the blend for sweetness, and while local apples are beginning to appear at the market, I had none today.  I wanted to keep it to the local produce I had, so I ended up with this lovely assortment of kale, collards, cabbage, cucumber, carrots, beets and peach.  

I had one little nubbin of local ginger in the freezer (discovered after the picture) that I added for a little more spice.  I should have taken a shot of the top of the cup as I was juicing - as each piece goes through and the various colors begin to mix, it's quite beautiful.

The resulting color is always dark if there are beets, and my pile of local goodness was enough to fill a jar for later that I'll enjoy over the rest of the day, along with a nice little shot for the morning start up.

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