Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Eat Local Challenge, day 17

It's been a busy week, and while I did manage to run by the Tailgates that are on either side of my neighborhood, I've been eating on the run the past couple of days.  Tonight I got to play a bit in the kitchen and with some of the local goodness I've accumulated.

You can't see it much, but there's a bed of kale braised with fennel & shallots (French Broad Food Co-op Tailgate) under the grilled Tuna (same Market), steamed green beans, heirloom tomatoes (West Asheville Tailgate), and hard boiled eggs (Mudluscious Gardens).  And I stopped by The Tree & Vine to pick up another bottle of Theros unrefined olive oil - I am totally addicted to cooking with this oil!  

Starting Saturday, for the next week I'll take my camera with me to introduce the various farmers and bakers and other makers I get to visit each week.  It's nice having Markets spread throughout the week - I can keep fresher things in the kitchen without having to stock up a week ahead and worry about what's going bad first.  Plus, I'm doing a terrible job of remembering who and where I get everything from, so this will be some overdue kudos.

And I'm very excited to be closing out this month-long Eat Local Challenge by attending the Endless Summer Market Supper at the West Asheville Tailgate.  What better way to celebrate the local bounty then by joining friends and neighbors and some kick-ass local chefs in creating a family style meal almost completely sourced from that Market?  

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