Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Eat Local Challenge: day 24

It's really wonderful to have the bounty of markets this time of year. I won't make it over to the co-op Market today, but I'll hit it next week for some pictures to close out the month. Yesterday I picked up a few more veggies at the West Asheville Tailgate, which made popping home for a quick lunch easy today!

I was in the mood for some texture, so I started with a corn/black bean mix I had ready for a later meal and added a tomato that was ready for eating along with nice crunchy carrots and a delicious baby cucumber.  With a simple balsamic vinaigrette, it went well with some toasted baguette and Roots spinach and chipotle hummus (good sopping juices!). Even the nettle/mint tea brew is local, with some blueberries and peaches floating in it for an extra treat.

As mentioned, I did hit the West Asheville Tailgate yesterday, but I forgot to take the camera.  Many of the same folks from Saturday were there - I did get the quick shot below as I drove off for a little shout out.  Next week I'll be attending the farm to table community dinner after the market closes, and you bet I'll have my camera with me then!

a quick glimpse at the West Asheville Tailgate

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