Monday, August 8, 2011

and we begin again...

Today was the first day back in the studio since the last firing almost a week ago. In addition to the sorting of the kiln, packing orders to ship and making gallery and retail deliveries, I "allowed" myself the week to get caught up on things on the home 'do' list. My, how the week just flies by when you think you have all this 'extra' time that you're not in the studio!

new work on display at Grovewood Gallery

new sushi plates (also at Grovewood)

all these lovely oil bottles now at The Tree & Vine

the new 'olive tree' dipping bowls, also at Tree & Vine

votive holders with candle cups, for Sensibilities Day Spa (downtown)

So today was all about dealing with the state of the studio, which I left only partially cleaned after glazing and packing my pots for travel out to Marshall for the firing. My very kind studio mate, who's not even working in the studio right now, couldn't help but clean up a portion when she was there during my absence. That was extra motivation to get it all cleaned up!

Being the clever girl that I am, I tackled the kiln room that does not have a/c first, and got the floor washed and organized the shelves and glazes to go back in place. Happily, the studio itself has a/c, so cleaning the floor, shelves, bats and tools was not terribly unpleasant. It actually gets me very motivated to get back on the wheel - kind of like getting my 'mis-en-place' before cooking a meal.

I left my camera at home, but once I get into production I'll include a shot of the momentarily clean studio along with the ambitious 'do' list I've started for the next 4-6 weeks of production.

For now, as I ponder going back to the studio tonight to begin the clay prep, I pause to ponder coconut milk ice cream with fresh, local peaches and fig-infused balsamic vinegar. Oh and maybe some basil ... and then maybe I'll ponder the tumbleweeds of dog hair that keep wafting by me. But first ...


  1. The olive dipping bowls are very lovely and beautiful. The design is very intricate and beautiful.