Monday, August 8, 2011

Eat Local Challenge, day 8

The "roots" of eating locally...

Roots hummus, Roots and Branches crackers, 'salsa' salad
I'm still making the most of my market picks from the weekend, plus a few garden gifts from friends and a quick stop at the local co-op to keep the majority of every meal locally sourced.  This is most definitely the season for it, and maybe I'm paying more attention because of the Eat Local Challenge, but there is such an abundance of great foods coming from our local farmers, it has not seemed like a challenge at all!

Today's offering features two of my favorite local vendors, both individually and even better together. Chipotle Hummus from Roots Organic Gourmet and Roots and Branches Kalamata Olive Crackers.  I usually have a container of the hummus in the fridge, this being my favorite flavor but I also love to mix and match with the other four flavors offered.  Perhaps another day during this challenge, I'll make my way to Roots Cafe, where you can get a yummy sampler of the hummus along with a lunch and dinner menu filled with locally sourced vegetables, fish, chicken and meat.  I usually pick up my crackers directly from the makers at a tailgate market, along with a couple of their incredible granola and health bars that often keep me sustained over long days in the studio. 

The salad on the side is a re-work of one I did earlier in the week, this one with some of the garlic-roasted corn, heirloom tomatoes, peaches and garden herbs along with a tiny bit of minced jalapeno from a friend's garden.  I picked up a Florida avocado and it added just the creamy compliment to the spicy hummus.

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