Sunday, August 7, 2011

Eat Local Challenge, day 7

Today is all about the left-overs, but I've been able to accumulate some 'local' meals that haven't been documented here that I've been saving for 'leftover' days.

Asheville has been enjoying a growing convoy of food trucks serving incredible foods, many of them sourcing from local farmers and producers.  Right now you can find them all over the outskirts of the city, and eventually you'll also see them downtown, and not just at festivals and special events. I'll eventually cover them all as I work my way through them (over and over again). This is my falafel from GQC Lebanese Food Truck, found at various locations around Asheville.  This is from lunch yesterday, but it's also from a late night snack the night before too as I only ate half and saved the rest.


Now you may say 'hey, that doesn't LOOK very sexy'.  Well if that's your attitude, you clearly haven't been paying attention.  First, it's the second half of the falafel, the day after I devoured the first half, so it's been handled.  When properly plated, it gives off all the visual cues of sexy food that you can imagine.  But all that aside, one bite and you know it's the good stuff.  Delicate falafels, pickled turnips, tomatoes that you know are so perfect right now, beautiful tahini sauce - all made from scratch and it shows.

Suzy Salwa Phillips of Gypsy Queen Cuisine
GQC Lebanese Street Food is the brain and love child of Suzy Salwa Phillips, aka the Gypsy Queen.  Suzy cooks up Falafels, Kafta Kababs, Lamb and Chicken Shawarma, Tabouleh, Fattoush Salad, Hommos, Baba Ghanouj, Kibbeh and then she and her crew serve it up with a side of love in Spartacus (the truck). 

Suzy grows some of what she uses, and looks locally for the best and freshest options which, in addition to the fact it's all delicious, is another reason I love to find the truck whenever I can.  

Suzy also heads up 'Asheville's Gourmet Street Food Trucks', whose mission is to bring gourmet street food using local, organic ingredients to Asheville.  

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