Saturday, August 6, 2011

Eat Local Challenge, day 6

A little Saturday extravaganza...

So I planned this meal around having a friend over for dinner, but it had to be canceled (and for a very good reason).  I had already started some prep, so I figured why not go ahead? And even though I may directly email the link to this post to my friend, I SWEAR I'm not posting this picture to flaunt what you missed - this part was already planned too (and I saved you some leftovers!).

And even calling it an extravaganza, I didn't have to go too crazy because there are so many wonderful things in abundance right now.  Many of the ingredients I had from earlier market visits or in the larder, and except for the muesli and crystalized ginger in the dessert and a couple of marinade and dressing ingredients, it's all within the Local boundaries.   

So for dinner, we have marinated and grilled scallops served on a summer salad of garlic-roasted corn, grilled summer squash, black beans, tomatoes & basil.  The beans came from the garden of a friend of a friend, the basil from my garden, and the rest from the tailgate market.  Simply dressed with a dash of salt (Celtic Sea Salt, another local wonder), unrefined olive oil and fig-infused balsamic vinegar.  The crostini is  a wheat loaf from Simple Bread (no baguettes at market today, but this was a darn fine substitute!) topped with roasted garlic and unrefined olive oil, market tomatoes and an incredible aged, raw goat milk cheese.

Dessert is a riff off a recipe my friend Karen posted elsewhere - a baked 'loose cobbler' of sorts essentially made only with two layers of muesli and the crystalized ginger around a filling of sliced local peaches (from the tailgate), baked until bubbly (saved you some of that too!).

And because I was trying so hard to stick to the theme for the meal, the wine is a lovely Pinot from the Biltmore Estate winery.

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