Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Eat Local Challenge: day 30

This chronicle of my Eat Local Challenge was going to go out with a bang, as I was planning to attend the Endless Summer Market Supper that followed the closing of the West Asheville Tailgate today. Instead, it's something of a whimper as sweet pup who usually sits at my chair trying to levitate food off the plate and onto the floor had to go in for some dental work today. He is not enjoying the post-op experience, so I'm home with him. I'm sure there will be pictures posted of the incredible Mediterranean meal being put together by some incredible chefs, so I'll cover that in a later blog. Maybe my last minute facebook plea will see a plate of leftovers at my door later...

At home and between bouts of very sad whimpers from the pup who just can't seem to let himself fall asleep, I came up with dinner:

I had leftover stuffing from last night's empanada's, plus an extra roasted butternut squash, so I re-heated/roasted them together and added a simple salad of avocado (from Florida, closest I could get) and tomato (second one from my plant - woohoo!) with sea salt.  I made a nice little cocktail by blending the last of a market watermelon with some garden basil and tequila (the dog gets tramadol, I get tequila!), and it was all quite good!

Check out the Tailgate's facebook page for pictures from the Supper

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