Sunday, February 10, 2019

Winter Home Sale and other updates

Greetings and salutations! It's been another long minute since I've written here, and the good news is that it's mostly because of being busy in the studio! So let's get right to it!

When I make pieces for clients, even if I'm creating something based on a piece or pieces they see that I already do, I will make samples for them based on what they want or what we've designed together. I'll often also keep those samples - to show other potential clients, or to keep as a reference for replacements. And then there are the pieces I doodle around with when I'm in a production cycle - pieces I keep because I think they might become part of something else, or because I want to remember to develop them more (or maybe I just really like them!). And then there are the pieces that I make for a while, but then decide not to carry as a primary form any longer, or those pieces that are really lovely, but might have a little surface crack, or a separation at and attachment, or a slight warp - usually those get snapped up by friends and family, but sometimes it gets busy enough where even they don't find out about them!

As I was in a post-holiday break cleaning fit earlier this year, I discovered I have a lot more of these pieces than I thought I had, and where I might just take some of these home and enjoy them myself, I also discovered I've done a good bit of that over the past year, so there really just wasn't room, but what to do with all of these lovely pots that just don't quite have a home? 

The answer: have a Winter Home Sale! Next Sunday, February 17, from 12-4, I'll be hosting at my home and hopefully finding new homes for all these lovelies.

Joining me will be my friend Dawn Dalto, who has made some beautiful ceramic creations in her day, but she also, in a former life, owned a bead shop. She has beads...LOTS of beads. 

She's going to bring ALL of her beads and join me next Sunday at the Home Sale - glass beads, beads by the piece, beads by the strand, vintage beads, beads big enough for buttons and small enough for weaving. She has the beads!!!

So if you're in the neighborhood, drop by next Sunday between 12-4, enjoy some light refreshments and good conversation, and find great deals on beautiful pottery and beads! Here's a LINK to the Facebook event, and if you're not on FB, just send me a message for details.

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