Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What a Crock

The Village Potters (photo by Kirsten Fuchs).L-R: Melanie Robertson, Bernie Segal, Karen Dubois, Cat Jarosz, Sarah Wells Rolland, Lori Theriault, Judi Harwood
 Almost a year ago, I joined a collective of other potters to form The Village Potters, and while we still have our growing pains and developmental challenges, it's been a most fantastic venture. Food-wise, it's been an interesting blend of backgrounds and eating styles, but we're all lately on the same page about trying to cut down on the celebratory sweets and focus on the good, local, energy-providing foods that will keep us happily productive.

We have a small kitchen here, but well enough equipped to provide more than the microwaved frozen dinner. My trusty Foreman grill has already toasted up several sandwiches, a few portabello mushrooms, some salmon, and most recently some peaches. And my little rice cooker has done its duty as well, whipping up quick soups and stews with silky aromas gliding throughout the studio. My studio-mates have taken notice, and they're quite excited about the prospect of the endless possibilities I promise them as we move into the cooler fall months.

Grilled peaches off the mini-Foreman grill.
So yes my little appliances have been working well, but they're meant for small meal production, and there are up to seven of us here at any one time, so sexy smells wafting through the studio will not do if there's not enough to share! Studio-mate Sarah to the rescue, arriving today with a larger crock pot for our collective nourishment! 

The newest member of the collective, already smellin' up the place good!

Today's inaugural concoction of lentils with seasonal, local veggies, a bit of chicken broth with some curry seasonings was a big hit. I see more goodies simmering in our future. Next up may be a larger grill, and then perhaps a larger kitchen area. 

So you see, 'Homemade Tastes Better on Handmade' aren't just empty words in a catchy slogan to me - we field test it every day!