Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Sandbridge 2016

I think now that it's the third year, I can say "it's that time of year again!". I fired the kiln yesterday, it's cooling today, I'll unload, sort, and pack tomorrow, deliver pots locally on Thursday, drive a delivery to Tandem restaurant in Carrboro, NC on Friday, then Saturday head to the beach!!

My secret double life, and most definitely a working vacation, is here again. I'm headed to Sandbridge Beach in Virginia to cook for three successive weeks of fun and hungry hammered dulcimer players!

I got my newly sharpened knives back today, and the packing has begun - from the kitchen and the closet. I'm trading cars with a good friend, so I will be more prepared if we have any "weather", and also more room for the bags and bags of groceries I'll get every day. Even better, that very friend will be joining me as my "asst." for the third week! 

I'm looking forward to my pre-sunrise walks, daily market visits, and lots of music and laughter ... and really, really good food! I'm not bragging - when you can shop fresh fish and veg every day, the hard part is over!

While it's a lot of work, it's at the beach, and it's pretty much the only thing I have to worry about, so it's also a bit of a vacation. I will be working on another project at the same time, and I hope to share more of that here soon, too - stay tuned for it all!