Monday, February 13, 2017

Valentines Local Love

From the 'Homemade Tastes Better on Handmade' Monthly Planner, February:

Once again it blows my mind that time can pass so quickly between posts! It's fitting that the last time I posted here, it was to wish a Happy Mother's Day, as now I'm in Florida helping my mom for an extended bit of time. It's also fitting that here we come to February 14, which in addition to that very well marketed 'love' holiday is also the anniversary of my mom's US Citizenship. Much love to be celebrated all around.

In my Monthly Planner (available at my website!), I advocate showing some local love for your romantic plans, be they for yourself, with a loved one, or a group of beloved family/framily/friends. That is still my suggestion, and if I may be even more self-indulgent, I encourage you to shower some local love (or mail order love, if you're not in Asheville!) on those very dear friends, colleagues, and clients who have allowed me, either by their good graces, steadfast business, or pure generosity, to be here with my folks as they need me. These are but a drop in the bucket of love and support that I have received. I am grateful for it all, grateful for all to come, and humbled by the community that surrounds me. 

The Village Potters - my studio tribe, the very reason I am able to be here. While my fabulous assistants are helping me keep some work in production (if I learn of any shows they're involved in, you'll hear me shout about it!), I am not there to keep new inventory going into the gallery. That being said, I would be deeply grateful to go home to empty shelves, and would love to see the love shared with those incredible artists who are giving me so much support. Shop online, or visit our galleries Mon-Sat, 10am-4pm.

Cúrate Bar de Tapas  is probably booked solid for Tuesday, but any time you go it'll be one of the best gustatory experiences you'll ever have. And don't forget to pick up a cutie-patootie lucky three-legged pig toothpick holder to remind you of your experience!

Chocolate & Milk, at The French Broad Chocolate Lounge is quite simply, one of the happiest places on earth. The truffles, the ice cream, the liquid elixirs, the hand crafted chocolate bars, the marshmallows, the nibs, and ... wait for it ... the MUGS! And as soon as I can get back and fire a kiln, the ice cream bowls!

Tandem Restaurant, in Carrboro, NC. A bit of a drive from Asheville, but SO worth it, and when you tell them so after you've enjoyed one of Chef Younes' exquisite meals, I hope you'll mention how lovely the food looks on my handmade, as well!

Sensibilities Day Spa in two locations in Asheville. No better way to treat the one you love most (yourself included!), and their attention to detail starts the moment you walk in the door and extends throughout your visit, including the lovely and refreshing cup of tea you may enjoy before or after your treatments!

Biltmore Village Inn in Asheville. Romantic is what they do, and they do it well. And you can commemorate your experience with a lovely mug!

Budy Finch Catering is based in Flat Rock, NC, but they'll come to you and boy will you be happy they did! The love they put into every morsel shines even more on my handmade!

Show some local love this week! xo