Monday, May 21, 2012

A new design born of love and happiness...

Introducing a new design line, one that I will call the "F&A" line in honor of the groom & bride who inspired it with a special wedding commission:

There will be some adjustments as I work out the design on new pieces, but I quickly fell in love with the elements while decorating these mugs, and I'm looking forward to seeing where else they'll grow.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!!

Happy Mother's Day Mom!! I know you wish we could spend the day together, and so do I, but you also know that you're with me every day, and it's not just because of the daily phone call!

So while I cannot bring you dozens and dozens of roses today, I hope you know that if I could, I'd shower you with them daily, just like our phone calls. 

But you would run out of vases, so just consider every phone call a single rose (like I do), and then you'll always have a beautiful bouquet (like you!) on hand.

So I hope you'll accept this 'virtual' showering of roses, along with my continued showering of love, admiration, and awe for all that you are, as a small but sincere Mother's Day gift.

And there will be a visit soon! Details are in the works - till then, I look forward to my 'rose a day' on the phone, and the strength, love, and grace that comes with having a mom like you!

Happy Mother's Day Mom - I Love You! xoxoxo

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Out of the Kiln, Into the Show!

all loaded and ready to go
Well it's finally happened, dear readers. The kiln was built, the inspectors all nodded, the sprinklers were changed, and we fired. And oh boy, did that kiln fire! 

going into reduction

The first firing in a new kiln, and even though this kiln has been working for someone for over 25 years, it's pretty much brand new as it was deconstructed, moved, then reconstructed partially with new brick and a slight adjustment to its layout. So the first firing was fast, and a little hotter than we intended, but the work that came out was still very pleasing, and with the information learned, we'll move ahead to more firings and soon will have the entire process finely tuned. I'm now working on some very special pieces for my next full kiln - small tokens of great appreciation to many people who have supported my transition into The Village Potters, and I'll be sharing that process in the blog soon.

two of the pots headed for display at The Junction

But for now, almost as quickly as they came out of the kiln, much of what was fired in this load is already out the door or soon to be out the door. Some so fast I didn't even get a picture, like the oil bottles and olive oil dipping bowls that were delivered to The Tree & Vine, or the mugs delivered to The French Broad Chocolate Lounge, or the water cups and aromatherapy diffusers that went to the Downtown location of Sensibilities Day Spa. Luckily, I won't load in my display at The Junction until next week, so I had a chance to take a couple of quick snaps (above). I'll take some very quick snaps of the rest, and what you don't see here you'll be able to see soon at my facebook page.

Much of what is left will go with me this weekend (Saturday & Sunday) to the Weaverville Art Safari, where I am a visiting artist to my lovely host, textile artist Susan Webb Lee

coneflower tumblers

Susan and I worked together back in the days of Echo Gallery, and it was there we learned how nice our worked looked together, and I'm really looking forward to having her gorgeous textiles beneath and around my pots again! 

small plates

The Art Safari is a self-guided tour of artists' home studios in the scenic area surrounding Weaverville and Barnardsville, NC. This year I will be among 41 artists and visiting artists, showcasing all media of work. If you're in the area, please stop by and see me and Susan, we're at stop number 19 on the map, or come by the Preview Party on Friday night and say hi!

coneflowers in bloom at The Village Potters

You'll also find some of what came out of the kiln at The Village Potters Gallery, and after this weekend you'll also find me there feverishly working away at another kiln load for more exciting developments ahead. Stay tuned...