Friday, January 22, 2010

Crazy Green Happenings in the New Year...

Whew - it's still just January, and I'm still getting used to 2010, but does feel like it's already later to anyone else? Maybe it's that combination of year end wrap up meets new planning - my head is months down the road and it's startling to see the calendar still on '01'.

And before we get into the business, a moment of love and deep appreciation for all the kind words, thoughts, hugs, chocolate, beers and love after the passing of my sweet pup. It means the world and I thank you from the bottom of my crazy green and still dog-hair covered heart.

So here are some developments in the works and on the books I wanted to share:

2nd Saturday Artist Market will be back this year! We had great response to the Market last year, although we did suffer from being 'hidden in plain sight'. Well hopefully that will no longer be a problem as I'm very excited to welcome The Rocket Club as a primary sponsor and the new home of the 2nd Saturday Artist Market. Since we'll be indoors, we don't need to wait for the weather to play along so we'll open this year's Market on March 13. Applications are now being accepted for table space, and this year we'll also welcome some food vendors for when you need a snack! We'll continue the Community Booth and will no doubt unveil more treats and surprises as wel go along. More information is on the 2nd Saturday blog, and application materials will be available on the blog soon (till then you can email me for them).

Workshops! Last year I conducted some custom, one-on-one workshops and they were a big hit, so rather than trying to offer specific formats and agendas, I'm offering that up for the full season. These workshops are for the beginner to intermediate potter-type, for one person or up to five people, and are for anywhere from 3-5 days and include all materials and firings. They also include studio visits to other working potters and guest critiques (and can be customized beyond that too!). Check my website for more details.

Weekend Workshops: In addition to the custom workshops, we'll soon be offering fun weekend workshops that explore the combination of fused glass and clay. I'll be partnering with Noel & George of Glasswear NC for these workshops. We'll play with fused glass projects, we'll play with surface design for tiles in clay, then we'll put the two together and see what we get! Final projects may include mosaic and/or glass-glazed tiles. We're still working out the technical aspects, but space will be limited so if you're interested go ahead and let me know so you can get on the list.

Studio Membership: We have a spot open! If you've always wanted to try pottery, or if you've tried it and always wished you had a place you could go from time to time, with just enough instruction to keep you going and a whole fun with other like minds, this could be for you! More details on the website or contact me.

Echo Gallery at Biltmore Park: I'm working on a new batch of work that I hope to have in the gallery in another month or so. A few teaser pieces may be ready for our next opening on Friday, February 5, and you should come to that anyway to see new work by our other core artists and to see work by our new guests artists: Jenny Mastin, Dawn Dalto, Tekla and Brian Fireman. Travinia will be providing some of the catering for the reception, so after you've had a taste, you can walk up the street for dinner, maybe even a movie! And while you're at the Park you can saunter over to the Hilton to see Asheville Area Art Council's opening of work by Norma Bradley and Calvin Edney - they have a reception as well from 5-8pm.

One final note about some area happenings:

There are many locally produced events happening all over town to raise funds to help relief efforts in Haiti - another reason I love this city! Here are a couple happening this weekend:

Humbly Helping Haiti is a locally grown benefit to raise funds for relief efforts in Haiti (donations to the Red Cross Haiti Relief Fund). Hanger Hall is the location, Saturday January 23 is the date and 7PM - 12Midnight is the time. Live local music by Greenway, Alex Krug w/Ashley Cofield, Joy Jansen and Eric J. Cool prizes including local art, crafts, massage, etc. Tasty eats from Roots Cafe and Laurey's Catering. Tasty beer from the Wedge Brewery and a silent auction of some very nice treats of other sorts. I've donated some work for the auction and raffles, and a very generous anonymous donor will double all funds raised at the event. Modest $5 cover gets you in the door.

Rosetta's Kitchen hosts a Community Cauldron on Sundays from 6-9pm, and this Sunday, January 24 all proceeds will go to Herbs for Orphans, Common Ground, ARRR clinic in Haiti. Go hungry and go generous!

And just for fun and to celebrate those who populate over half the workforce (myself included!):

Tressa's Celebrates Asheville Businesswomen - a great party you can check out after the benefit. Fun starts at 10pm at Tressa's, with Laura Blackley hosting and musical guests The Funk Messengers. There are amazing local business women nominated for awards, including the fabulous Jen Charlton of Sensibilities Day Spa and Sparrow Spa (yes, we favor our friends and clients!). It'll be a great girls night!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

In Memory and Gratitude: Lissa Bear

Hearts are very heavy at Crazy Green Studios. Lissa, my constant side-kick and the official dog of Crazy Green Studios since opening day, has passed away. If there can be any upside to cancer, it is that the progression, once it set in, was rapid, so there wasn't a prolonged suffering.

Lissa and I found each other at a no-kill shelter a little more than 3 1/2 years ago. She had been there for about a year, and was greatly depressed (wouldn't you be?!). Over our all too short time together, I tried only to give her a constant sense of home, love, safety and comfort to hopefully erase some of the harshness of her previous life. Little by little, the dog emerged from the depression, her personality came out and we had so much fun together.

Now she's free to run as hard as she wants, bark as loud and often as she likes, and is playing with many friends. When the time is right, I know I'll find her again, perhaps in another four legged friend, perhaps another variation.

Thank you Lissa Bear.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

January Studio Schedule

Happy New Year!

2010 will bring lots of exciting developments at Crazy Green Studios, some of which will be announced later this month (curious? stay tuned!). For now, it's a bit of year end cleaning, making the production list and getting ready to get back on the wheel. Studio members are making their own new lists of projects and pieces they'd like to master, and there's already a good buzz in the studio of creativity and fun.

Here's the open studio schedule for January - almost completely a 'regular' month! Studio members, there may end up being open studio hours on Thursday evening January 7 and Saturday, January 9 - we'll let you know individually. As always, if anyone wants to come by and say hi you're most welcome, and if these hours don't suit you, just call or email and we'll find a time that works!