Monday, April 21, 2014

Ramping up Simplicity

While I'm still not putting plants in the ground until after Mother's Day, I always feel like Spring has officially sprung when ramps show up at the market.

Love my Locals! Eggs & Shiitakes from Mudluscious Gardens
and local ramps from Katuah Market.

And as with most things fresh from the garden or farm, simple is best. Other than what you see in the picture, the only other ingredients I used were olive oil, salt, and pepper.

saute chopped ramp bulbs and leaves in olive oil until softened.
Season with salt & pepper.
Add sliced shiitake mushrooms. Continue to cook until moisture is released
and mushrooms are tender, but still have a bite.
Break two eggs into pan, lightly salt/pepper. Begin to softly scramble,
but only the whites.
Once the whites are cooked, break the yolks and stir
to coat the rest of the pan.
Cook yolks to preferred doneness. I like them soft - the flavors are simple and fresh,
earthy and aromatic.