Friday, July 30, 2010

Lisa's Tile Weekend - the lost pictures!

Well there have been a number of things keeping me busy these past weeks, but always on my mind has been to share some pictures from my tile workshop weekend with Lisa .. but where are the pictures?!  Well I finally remembered that my camera was battery-tired and/or not with me, so I took many with my telelphone.  Great discovery, now to get them off the phone!  Sometimes bluetooth likes me, sometimes it doesn't, but I eventually charmed it to work for me and got the pictures onto the computer.

Usually the phone takes as good a picture as my camera, but we were often in dimmer light, so some of these are a bit fuzzy.  What was abundantly clear, however, was the fun we were having, and I can't wait to hear about and see what Lisa does when she goes home to take over Matt's studio! ;)

Lisa & Matt - Matt did a workshop with me last year,
and Lisa wanted a turn this time!

Lisa, sketching out a tile design

fuzzy but good look at several techniques we played with:
slabbing, stamping, slip inlay

lots of techniques, lots of tests, lots of fun!

Lisa's final project was based on a set of tiles she found
in a magazine.  #1 was a bee...

I think our visit to Holly deSaillan's studio inspired this beetle tile...

...and the firefly.  I love how she used many of the techniques
we played with in each of the tiles

On an extra piece of slab, Lisa first rolled a piece of lace into
the slab, then when it set up, she stretched it out, then
gave it a nice push into the foam with a block.  The lace had some
slip on it which also adds some nice texture.

And no workshop is complete without a visit to the
French Broad Chocolate Lounge.  It was a late
birthday celebration, so we all had the Theros Chocolate Cake,
and we each got our own little piece of edible art!