Saturday, December 19, 2015

Plough to Pantry

I'll post proper links as soon as they're available, but I am so excited to share this I just couldn't wait. I am beyond grateful to be included in this fine publication, and more so in a feature about homemade and handmade (as you might expect). Many thanks to all involved - Plough to Pantry is available at various locations in Asheville, and you can also subscribe to a digital edition via their parent website.

Cover Photo by Megan Authement: A ploughman's lunch by Budy Finch Catering and Revelry of Flat Rock, NC, featuring Blue Ridge Mountain Creamery's Ugly Baby Swiss and Cana de Cabra goat's milk cheese from Spain, a puree of roasted local butternut squash, sweet potatoes, carrots and rutabagas with toasted pepitas, sourdough bread from Candler's Farm & Sparrow Bakery and Highland Brewing's Cold Mountain Winter Ale in Pottery by Lori Theriault of Crazy Green Studios and The Village Potters in Asheville's River Arts District, shot at Villagers urban homestead supply store in West Asheville.
Artist: Lori Theriault. Restaurant: Curate. Photo by Paul M. Howey

Above left: Restaurant: Glass Onion, Artist: Magnum Pottery. Above right: French Broad Chocolate Lounge,
Artist: Lori Theriault, Photos by Paul M. Howey. Bottom left: Artist: Lindsay Rogers Ceramics. Photo courtesy of the artist.

"Does the pot look better because of the food, or does the food look better because of the pot?"
Artist: Lindsay Rogers Ceramics. Photo courtesy of the artist.