Monday, February 28, 2011

time flies

Time has been flying by it seems.  More internal journaling than outer, but happily life has also been more experiential of late so I give myself a break for not keeping up.  Here's a little taste of what's kept me busy over the last six weeks or so since my last post, in no particular order other than how they lined up in the photo grabbing queue:

I hopped down to Atlanta to celebrate a significant birthday of my significant (and older) dear friend Anne.
I said good-bye to Echo Gallery. 
I got the big gift (twice in a month too!) of hearing my friend Gwen
sing with her swing orchestra at the Grove Park Inn
I got an early spring cut and henna update.

I've been juicing - things that start like this...

and end like this (mug by friend heather)
I'm working part time at Sensibilities Day Spa,
assisting the very hard-working staff and soaking up good energy.

I volunteered for the annual ACN benefit and enjoyed a sunny morning at Sunny Point, then

I got a little more sun working the lunch at 12 Bones.

I'm back in the studio - playing with some fun new things - stay tuned to see what happens with these.
I'm taking a class about making pots for salt/soda firing with Linda McFarling (standing),
and we had Judith Duff as a guest instructor.

A glimpse at our first firing
I took a day off and went to Biltmore with my friend Matt
(this is how you act when you don't take enough days off)

back at work also means more mugs for the Chocolate Lounge!
recent efforts in both juicing and a piece from a recent salt/soda firing.

And that's some of what's been going on. I know I might normally go on a bit more about many of the events, but right now living them seems to be more interesting to me than a post-commentary (but I'm sure I'll get all wordy again real soon!).  And now off to the studio!