Tuesday, February 23, 2010

coming soon to a shop near you ...

... well, as long as you're in Asheville that is.

Some fun with a new design and a new fun place to show fun & functional pieces for the kitchen (fun, fun, fun!):

aromatherapy 'tree' diffuser

Sensibilities Day Spa has been carrying my aromatherapy diffusers for a while now, and the lovely owner Jen inspired me to try the new tree pattern on them.  We likey, and soon you'll find the first couple at the downtown store, along with more of the other glazes as well.  If you've never been to Sensibilities, you need to go!  I feel more relaxed just walking in the door, such is the environment created by quality products and more so by the people.  You just know when you're someplace people love to be, and everyone at Sensibilities loves what they do, loves where they do it and they make you feel like they've been waiting just for you to come in - every time!  The same is true of the Biltmore Park location as well as the exquisite Sparrow Spa at the Biltmore Park Hilton. 

oil bottles & inverted salt cellars

I was so happy to see Moda Boutique open just a few doors down from Echo Gallery, not only to welcome another locally owned business to the strip, but also for all the great finds inside the store.  And then to meet owners Sharon & Lauren was yet another bonus.  What I said about Sensibilities - ditto - these ladies love what they do and you know it as soon as you walk in the door!  And while you may know them first for clothing and accessories, they have a small but growing area of goods for the kitchen and home, including some very nice olive oil that is bottled just for them.  And soon, you'll find my olive oil bottles and inverted salt cellars added to the home collection.

And I didn't even have time to take a picture of the last batch out of the kiln, but new mugs are making their way downtown to the French Broad Chocolate Lounge with the cool, new logo.  More are going into the kiln this week, so maybe I'll get them chronicled for the archives before they get snatched into service.
fig & port truffle from the Chocolate Lounge ... O. M. G.

And another batch that got out the door before the camera was charged: new soup bowls for Roots Cafe, with more salad and entree bowls in the works.  Cheryl at Roots did take this lovely shot of one of the new bowls in action, and it's a bit fuzzy as I lifted it from their FB page:

veggie chili special at Roots  (today in fact!)

If you didn't already know that the ChoLo and Roots are two of my favorite places in the world, well then you clearly haven't been paying attention.

As you see at the top of the blog,  I'm a '3/50' business, and I try hard to support other 3/50's - I'm so proud and grateful that my client list is made up of other brick & mortar businesses, and that I get to do business with people I admire both personally and professionally.  Get out and support YOUR local businesses! xo

Monday, February 15, 2010

weathering through...

I think I've started a blog post about a dozen times in the last week, but some shiny object or weather system seems to distract me away from the keyboard.

Since you brought up the weather, I guess I need to admit that I am partially responsible for the last two weekend's conditions that closed schools, businesses & sent so many running to the grocery for supplies.  You see, I'm a member of Echo Gallery at Biltmore Park, and since we've moved into the gallery, we've had a 'weather curse' upon us. 

Let's have a soft opening party - torrential downpour that keeps everyone inside. 

Let's try it again in a month - torrential downpour that has everyone back inside working on plans for an ark. 

We shall not be daunted, we'll invite guest artists and host a reception to welcome them.  I think that one was a combination of torrential downpour and possible ice.

Fine, we'll break the winter doldrums with a new show with new guest artists.  Ah... we see the snow coming so we'll postpone for a week.  Take that weather curse!  The new date comes up and there's a forecast for a little snow but just an inch you say?  Well, we're gonna do it so there! 

So we did it, for an hour and then we all took the next couple of hours getting home in the 'flurries'. 

So I'm sorry if the weather has inconvenienced you.  We don't have another opening until April. Spring showers, anyone?

a lovely spread, highlighted by pizza from Travinia and 
brownies from the French Broad Chocolate Lounge...
at least nobody went hungry on the ride home!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

February Studio Schedule

Well after saying how fast January seemed to be going by, you'd think I'd be ready for February ... but nope, it snuck up on me good!

No special reasons to change the schedule this month - now that doesn't happen too often! Of course, if we're having severe weather, you might want to give a call before you come, but since I live blocks from the studio, if I can't get anywhere else I can always walk to the studio!

And speaking of the weather:

Echo Gallery at Biltmore Park: we bow to the weather gods, and we'll try for Friday, February 12 for the opening reception of our new show (5-8pm). Several Echo Gallery member artists will be adding new work, and we'll be welcoming new work from guest artists Brian Fireman and Tekla, as well as new guest artists Jenny Mastin and Dawn Dalto. The show is almost up now if you want a sneak peek (but call first this weekend if there's 'weather'), but make sure you come by next Friday for the reception and meet the artists, enjoy some tasty nibbles from Travinia and sip on lovely beverages.

I'll be adding a few new things, but my firing will follow the opening so just plan to make another visit to the gallery to see some new trees.

And in other news:

Applications are now available for artists, crafters and community organizations for the
2nd Saturday Artist Market. First Market date is coming up in March, and notifications will start going out in about a week. Artist/craft vendors get space for up to a 6' table/display for $25. Community organizations may apply for a free space to promote their programs. This year we'll also feature food from some very talented local eateries, and as always we'll be a collection point for donations to MANNA FoodBank. Check the blog at the link above for more details.