Saturday, November 26, 2011

Holiday Home Show!

Just a little reminder about the upcoming Holiday Home Show that I'll be doing with two other fabulous artists: jewelry designer Stephanie Onel and painter Susan Finer. Our gracious and generous host for the afternoon is Kristin Fellows, and our work will look even more beautiful in her lovely home!

We hope you can join us for an afternoon to celebrate the season, as well as the end of "Buy Local Week" - you'll find some great gift ideas whether you're shopping for others or for yourself (just as important!).

The deets:

When: Sunday, December 4 from 12:00 - 4:00pm
Where: Home of Kristin Fellows, 177 Lakeshore Drive, Asheville, NC 28804
Parking: please park on Shorewood as the drive is quite steep!
What: beautiful hand crafted pottery, stunningly designed jewelry, and sensory satisfying abstract paintings! Plus light refreshments and a whole lotta holiday cheer.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Holiday Love

I would start this post waxing on about how much I love the cooling fall temps, colorful sidewalks covered with fading yet still colorful leaves, root veggies and squashes filling the co-op shelves ... well I still mean it all, but we're having an unusual warm spell, and while it's truly lovely outside, my heart and mind are already moving on to cooler weather so it's also just a little odd.

I'll be sharing all the sexy goodness that follows in the coming months. I have the rare opportunity to be hosting much more than in the past several years, so I'll be looking for and playing with all sorts of seasonal goodies.  If you have some recommendations, feel free to share!

Till then, it's planning and scheming in advance of the day. Of all the things that come with hosting a holiday meal, I think the food-related thing I look forward to most is the smells. Going off to visit friends or family for a holiday meal is wonderful, and you know you've arrived at the party when you walk in the door to mingling aromas both savory and sweet. But then you go home, and even with a lovely plate of leftovers, it's still pretty much done.  When you host, you get to enjoy the layers of smells as they develop ... the fresh rooty smell of the pumpkin when you cut it open for roasting pre-pie making, the simmering veggies in anticipation of gravy or sauces, the slow evolution of the roasting turkey.  And it doesn't have to be a huge, opulent meal - even the simplest foods, if they're fresh, local and seasonal, can make the feast. And when you add people you love, it becomes epic in a Henry VIII kind of way. And then ... when you wake up the next morning, it still lingers. 

Here's hoping your holiday finds you sharing a meal with people you love, which makes any meal a feast, no matter how modest it may be, which is a very good reason to always be giving thanks. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

November Fun & Frolic!

Already a week into November, yet the real fun only begins later this week! In a nutshell (well, as much of a nutshell as my rambling allows..):

10-Week Adult Clay Classes at The Village Potters
I've started taking student registrations for my beginner and beginning classes. My classes will be available on an open enrollment, meaning that although there are start/end times to each session, new students may start my classes at any time when space is available, and their 10 weeks will begin on the date they start. For class descriptions and fee/registration information, check out the website!

Studio Stroll at The Village Potters!
Saturday-Sunday, November 12-13, 10am-6pm
If you've been by to visit the new studios, gallery and teaching center, you should come by again this weekend and see how much has changed! More of us have moved in, we're putting in a special area for our featured artists and adding new works from Village Potters to the Gallery, and the Teaching Center is getting ready to be in full swing! We'll be open later on Friday night to welcome preview guests, and we'll have demo's in front over the weekend. As well, you'll be able to decorate your own holiday ornament and enter to win some fabulous door prizes that we'll be giving away the following weekend (see below).

The Village Potters Grand Opening Celebration!
Saturday, November 19, 6-8pm
In a way, it feels like I've been celebrating every day since I moved into this fabulous new space with these incredible people, so it only makes sense that we needed to make a special event to share it with family and friends. We'll have live music, incredible edibles that include a chocolate fountain and nacho bar, fire dancing and the drawing for our door prizes: a beautiful piece of hand made pottery by each of the Village Potters. If you can't make it for Stroll weekend (or even if you do!), I hope you can make it to this great celebration!

And I know it's sneaking into December, but it's less than 30 days away and as much a part of my November madness as anything:

Holiday Home Show!
Sunday, December 4, from 12-4pm
Did you know that November 25-December 4 is National Buy Local Week? More like a week plus a day or two, but I'm not quibbling, as pretty much every day is Buy Local for me so I'm always glad to see a broader acknowledgement!
I'm thrilled to once again join talented jewelry designer Stephanie Onel in an intimate, warm setting to showcase our work. We'll be at the beautiful home of Kristin Fellows in north Asheville for a festive afternoon of a little nosh, a little bevvie, a lot of laughs and some pretty darn good jewelry and pottery! I'll have some specially packaged gifts that are perfect for teachers, office or host-giving among my offerings. Check our Facebook event page for details, or email me if you need directions.