Friday, September 19, 2008

week-ending rambles

I'm reminded that it's the week-end only because someone asked me what my weekend plans were. I did have plans for a 'girls night out' with some friends, one of whom is carrying crazy toxic germs and needs to rest for an upcoming firing, but hopefully the other will still come by for a cool beverage and to sit and enjoy the waning garden with me.

Week 2 of classes-in-action was good. Students didn't get into the studio between classes, but in spite of that they all had good progress. Emily joined the Thursday class, and even though it's been a good break since she was last on the wheel, she got right into it and had good results. Just two weeks in, and they're just about at the point where they can work without my hovering about. I still hover, but now at least they know when they need help, and if they can't get in much between classes, I want to make sure they spend as much time working when they're here as possible. Perhaps we'll have pictures of first works to share after the trimming lesson next week!

Emily getting reacquainted with the wheel

This week I really learned how valuable my little rice cooker is. With just a few dry goods stocked and a weekly visit to the City Market for veggies, I can put together a lovely pot of soup or stew in the morning and have a hot lunch (or warm if I want it later) in no time. Today's pot of brown rice, kale, garlic, leeks, veggie broth and other things from the fridge (a wee bit of leftover lentil stew was tossed in for texture) smelled up the studio good and tasted even better.

All hail the rice cooker, giver of good things to eat that don't HAVE to include peanut butter (unless it's for the thai noodle dish...)

I missed it yesterday - even with the convenience of having it here, it doesn't quite yet fill itself and cook for me, and when I don't do that part, oddly, I don't eat! Luckily, last night after class I cleaned up a bit and dashed down to the Orange Peel for the Mountain Biz Works benefit 'ShowBiz' and was able to get some tasty morsels from Sugo, and Jael from French Broad Chocolates had a box of dairy-free truffles stashed just for people like me! It was quite a crowd, and while I didn't stay till the end, it seemed the many, many auction items were getting good play. I didn't see how my lessons package faired, but I did see a small plate I donated that was paired with a gift certificate for a cake, and I got a nice thank you from the high bidder today. Hopefully it raised a good amount for all the good works they do, and it sure seemed like everyone was having a great time when I was there!

Finally, I'm just about caught up on back orders, with a few more throwing sessions for stragglers, but now I'm starting to work ahead a bit, and today saw the first signs of that with cleaning up a small batch of diffusers. I'm getting good interest from some galleries, and while I'm keeping just one Asheville outlet, I am entertaining the thought of entering the Etsy marketplace with this item...

sun-dried diffusers, playing with some new patterns

Looking ahead to the weekend, there's another batch of clay to pug, another batch to lay out for future pugging, more pots to make, bisque that'll be ready to unload in the morning...and between that hopefully I'll squeeze out a quick trip up to Weaverville for the Art in Autumn festivities - several friends will have booths there and it's going to be a beautiful weekend to be outside a little. Not sure I'll have the time and/or gas to make it up to Bakersville, but the Creek Walk is also this weekend, and several other friends will be there and it would be a gorgeous weekend to get up further into the mountains...

Final random thought before my lunch break is over...I've had some good chats with my studio neighbor/landlord Mimi about classes and workshops here, and she's given me some good ideas and motivation to get back to work on the "Art Bus". The state of arts and arts funding is looking like schools are going to have less and less, and while my little studio can only handle so many bodies at once, the art bus can go TO groups and I can easily organize other artists to participate. More active ruminating on that one to come, and if you're reading this and thinking 'hey, I'd like to know more....' well let me know! Ok - back to work! Happy Friday...

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