Tuesday, September 9, 2008

gotta love all the parts...

This week really launched the studio into it's 'regular' schedule...regular as in it may change week to week in some respects, but as regular as I can be and still be a good clay weirdo.

Classes started this week, and I have new students that started Monday and more starting on Thursday! I've had other interest, and I'm polling prospective students for the third class time slot.

I meant to capture the Kodak moment with my Monday students, but in the excitement of getting them registered, touring them through the east and west wing of Crazy Green Studios and then actually getting them on the wheel, I forgot all about the camera. My brain continued to speed ahead of all ourselves and I actually...yes I did this and I'm admitting it here ... misread the clock and ended their class an hour early. None of us caught it in time, and I didn't notice till after they left. Oy, no wonder it seemed to go so fast! I'll introduce you to Chuck and Pat in the blog next week with their permission, but they did beautifully on the wheel their first time out!

I intended to get back on the wheel and get the rest of my waiting orders finished and start some new things, but administrative duties were calling. My accounting goddess Glenda did her magic last night until my brain melted, and today I dug in and got the books caught up. Nah, it's not the way I would have planned my day, but I really do embrace every aspect of this experience. I'm still much happier with anything I do here every day than any other place I could be, and I'm grateful if the biggest grumble I have for the day is that I gotta do the book work. I also met another new student who will start Thursday, and had a visit from Fransien Schuller from Kala Gallery in Lenoir to pick up some work. They're having a ribbon cutting ceremony for the new gallery coming up, and I'll of course feature it here, even though I'll be teaching when it happens.

I also met with neighbors in the 'hood to plan the East West Holiday Art Sale - celebrating the cluster of creative enterprises in a very small nook of 'East' West Asheville. And of course you know you'll read more about THAT here soon! So it was a good day that got a lot of good things done, even with eye-crossing, butt-numbing amounts of time in front of the computer. Tonight I'll relax while I update my 'clay-do' list. There's clay to pug so I can have clay to throw! peace.

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