Wednesday, September 17, 2008

is this fall?!?!?

it was actually worthy of a sweatshirt this morning, and it feels like it might be again tonight. Today is scheduled as a day off, which means that while I'm not on the wheel, I'm getting done a lot of the little things that don't get done when I'm on the wheel every other day in some way. Eventually it may actually mean a day off, but this felt like one to me even if I spent most of it at the studio!

Had a leisurely start, a nice, long walk with Lissa jumping in every available mini-pond in the park, then ran some errands. Got some work done on some admin/marketing stuff, got the phone line put in so the studio phone is now in the office area, jotted down some more glaze recipes to be tested, sent off materials for a show, answered emails and packed up a couple of pots for shipping.

I'm still working on a press release for the holiday show and I admit, did load part of a kiln, but now I'm sitting outside the studio, soaking up the cooling afternoon sun and occasional light breezes...listening to a Pandora mix on the computer and loving that there still are blooms around me. I even got Lissa outside for a little stroll around the grounds! Could be fall, could be a FALLse start, but it sure do feel good!

I think it must almost be time to go home, as I'm starting to look into the studio at work to be done, and I am commited to taking some time away, so perhaps it's time to take another walk...tomorrow is another teaching day, and then tomorrow night is the big ShowBiz benefit for Mtn Biz Works...gotta find some clean clothes that don't actually have clay stains as a part of their pattern! peace

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