Monday, September 22, 2008

happy monday!

Having done my time in an office and even a brief stint in an actual cubicle, I approach Mondays now with glee. Even now, having a 9am class which is in truth earlier than I prefer teaching, but still not the 5:30am wake up call from the days of Innkeeping. And more important, it's not the Monday-morning-time-to-get-up-and-join-the-office-drones-on-the-bus/train/traffic-lane. Happy Monday indeed!

This morning Chuck and Patsy, my Monday Morning star students, returned with vigor and having no ill effects from not getting in to open studio during the week.

Chuck & Patsy, getting some pots made! For Chuck, this is just lesson #2, so his motivation is showing!

Before and after class, I was trimming more of the bowls for Empty Bowls, then took a break to head over to Odyssey for the Bowl Project class. I was completely remiss over the past two weeks in taking my camera, so there's no pics from the great classes that Becca Floyd and Heather Tinnaro led, but there will be plenty of other chances in the future to feature them here, have no fear.

This week we had the very wonderful treat of a visit from Michael Kline, who did a demo on trimming and brush work decorations. His pots have been a big inspiration for me as I start to explore my own brush work with colors and wax under and on glazes, and it was very cool to watch him work. It's not an aspect of the process that gets a lot of time in classes - the brush work - and I think it could be the source for a whole series of classes...hmmm...perhaps a future class for Crazy Green...

I meant to take a picture of the beautiful bowl he donated to the Empty Bowls "Collectors Corner", which would I'm sure guarantee an extra long line at the door, but you'll just have to take my word for it and hope you get there in time to snap it up!

Back at the ranch, I'm trimming the last of the current batch of bowls then heading out for a meeting with the Odyssey RAs about our upcoming show at the Odyssey gallery.

What a lovely Monday!

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