Sunday, September 7, 2008

Lovely time in Asheville

It was gorgeous weather in Asheville for a day outside with OrganicFest. Thanks to everyone who stopped by - saw some friends, met lots of great folks, have some new interest in classes and got to take a nice look at all the work from the last kiln under the sunlight.

I didn't get many pictures taken - it was a crunch to get up by the opening bell and then I just didn't remember between all the booth chatting. My roommates did remember when they stopped by and made me pose for a shot. I took just a couple more before it got busy again.

The crowds were good, and it was an interesting difference being out there representing myself as someone who's just opened a studio vs. a resident artist at someone else's studio. A nice difference!

I was going to put the back flap down on the tent to show the work off better, but the breezes were so nice coming from all directions I left it up. Plus, the tree bark on this tree gave a much more interesting backdrop and blended nicely with the table covers and rug.

Free with purchase - I made a bunch of magnets to give as thank you gifts with purchase - and I think a few people got through their transactions without claiming their 'prize'. If you read this and can identify your purchase, I'll send you a magnet! Also gave out many 'save the date' cards for the Empty Bowls event in Asheville in October.

Today the studio gets put back in order - classes start tomorrow morning!


  1. OMG I'm so stoked that you started a blog! I often wonder what you're up to and what your current work looks like, and now I can take a peek and find out! YAAAAAY! :o)

    Congratulations on starting your own studio - WOW girl!

    It's great to see your pieces in the photos and I have to say I got a giggle out of your magnets. Great idea, love your messages, and there's something really funny about seeing an election-related political message on high-fire clay.

  2. I failed to mention - this is your "twin" from the MH message boards! :oD

  3. well hello twin! I'm so glad you found the blog, and thanks for all the wonderful comments! Yep, the blog has turned out to be a lot more fun than I ever thought, and it's a lot easier to keep updated than the website, which sits patiently by while I play more in the physical plane. Glad you got a chuckle on the mags - I almost thought twice on including them, but it was, for the most part, preaching to the choir and I think I only came home with one of those. Too bad my firing was before the RNC convention, or I could've had my own little straw poll! Keep me posted on your own events too...I bet the kiddlings are growing like weeds!