Sunday, July 27, 2008

starting to look like a studio...

Today I took a slightly less crazed pace as compared to the rest of the week. The old studio is just about worthy of another picture, as it's getting to be more and more empty, and yet oddly, it looks smaller to me the more I take out of it. Not so oddly, the new studio also seems smaller the more and more I put into it! So after a nice romp in the park with Lissa, I left her in the relative cool of the house while I packed up another car load of stuff from the old studio. Found some test tiles that'll be handy when the kiln starts firing, a few empty buckets (oh what a treat to find an EMPTY bucket!) and more tools for the student stash, among the boxes that made the trip west.

And I will do more pics soon, but here are a few quickies:

wedge central

Between the flourescent lighting and my inability to get the white balance to stay put on my camera, things just seem to come out a bit yellow. But it's still a beauty of a wedging table under any tint. You can just make out the detail of the legs that show they came from an old bowling alley, and this puppy is solid. I may have to buy the building and the land it's on to avoid moving it once the plaster is in. Among next week's projects is making the mold and pouring the plaster for the two sides.

oh how I love these shelves!

The ware shelves going in really made a difference in getting this end of the studio set up, and in getting me back on the wheel. More pictures later will show the wheels more in place, but the great thing about these shelves, that you may be able to see, is that all the attached holders on the side give me a lot of options on height between shelves, and each layer is two shelves deep. My first attempts at the wheel with the wedge worthy clay on hand are on the shelves. And you can see part of the magnet strips I put up on the wall next to my wheel for some of my tools. I've got more plans for that little corner of my world to come...

pugger in progress, kiln ready for action!

And in another corner of the world, two big players just about ready to start the game. The kiln and vent are all hooked up, thanks in large part to my wonderful landlord Mimi and her fabulous power tools and generous help! Tomorrow I make another fun shopping trip to Highwater for shelves, cones, posts, etc. and then the test firing. Tomorrow I also call the nice folks at Peter Pugger to talk me through a couple of things on my little cutie before giving him the test run as well.

And tomorrow I'll pick up a phone for the new service at the studio, which should hopefully arrive as well (router for service), and then to revise some work on cards, work up flyers and other promotional on the class schedule, pricing and open studio hours...try to get the online bank to talk to my QuickBooks one last time before updating it all manually to get the reports I need...and in my spare time throw more pots to fill the first bisque, catch up on orders and start making ware for OrganicFest in September. But first, a walk in the park...peace.

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