Monday, July 7, 2008


the studio...are we still in the before?

Ok, so this may not look like progress, but it is! With the help of two guys and a truck...not the established business, but actually two guys and a truck, I was able to move the majority of my studio furniture, equipment and all sorts of odds and ends into the new space.

my heroic hired hands, Joey & Bob

I even got my wheel in, thanks guys! Haven't been on it to throw yet - still need to put the sink trap in, but that will happen this week.

gas kiln, going into hibernation

I also picked up the gas kiln, and along with a couple of raku kilns and other parts, it's now stored on the grounds of Studio de la Chouffe, courtesy of Holly (visitor from an earlier post).

my #1 assistant and studio mascot, Lissa, hard at work supervising the re-organization

A trip to Lowe's later for hardware, and new shelves are up, secured and already full! The empty tubs in front of the sink will be part of the trap, and the leaning tower of boxes behind Lissa are accumulated clay scraps eagerly awaiting the arrival of the pug mill.

thanks to Jillian for the white shelf and the shelf next to the sink (and also a grinder!), thanks to Alan from CraigsList for the chrome shelves, thanks to my landlord Mimi for the use of her slab roller (resting on a cart on the right). thanks to Lissa for keeping after me to get all this done!

I'll check on the electric kiln tomorrow, and hopefully that will go in at the end of the week. Might get internet and phone service scheduled as well, and one more trip to Lowe's for the rest of the sink trap parts, schedule the electrician in for the kiln and get the venting hooked up and we'll be off to the races!

Another day closer, and another day very grateful!

and another day dog-tired!


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