Sunday, July 13, 2008

weekend roundup

I am uber-bummed that I didn't make it up to Bandana Pottery to see work I so admire and meet those talented folks behind it. Finishing the mask and getting work glazed for tomorrow's pre-Craft Guild firing ran me late enough to matter for a field trip an hour away. I didn't have the camera with me at Odyssey when I was glazing, but here's a quick look at the rest of the weekend:

Saturday morning at the downtown City Market is quickly becoming a weekly meet up for me, Holly and Heather. I was going to get a picture of the three of us with Heather's cutie-pie twin puppies (Benny & JoonBug), but after snapping the blueberries, I was too busy grabbing samples and filling my own market bags. What a bounty we have, and we always run into other friends, and meeting the farmers is like meeting another old friend. The blueberry bowl, by the way, is a farm family heirloom itself and was previously used as a baby bathtub (as told to me by one who has been in the tub!).

The lemon cucumbers are one of my new favorites. Somehow they've eluded me until this year, but now we're fast friends and I'm munching the one on the right as I type this.

The rest of Saturday was running errands, picking up supplies, moving pots, brushes, etc. to prep for glazing, and the first half of glazing.

Sunday I thought I'd try again for the field trip, but morning errands ran long and once back to the studio, the brushwork would not be rushed. I did run home and get the camera to go check out the Big Crafty up the street at the Grey Eagle and see some friends and a lot of funkadelic work. It was nicely packed, which was great for the artists but not so for taking pictures!

R-L: Jenny Carpenter & Sarah Danforth (Astro-Turf RULES!), Dawn Dalto -
I tried to take a pic of her partner Les Powell's booth but couldn't get far enough away to get the shot!

Holly & mosaic, cobbler with market
blackberries in front.

On the way home I stopped by to share some cobbler with Holly, who was working on an 'old school' mosaic in her yard. I meant to take some pictures of Studio de la Chouffe in progress, but instead ate cobbler. When her son comes home from Europe in August, work will begin again and we'll finish the slip straw and start plastering the outside. Stay tuned for those pics!

So not much new at the new studio, but tomorrow will be a big day if everything gets done, and since Joey will be driving the firing at Odyssey, I should be able to do some work of my own at the Crazy Green homestead. And tomorrow I'll deliver the mask:

'john lennon glasses'
for Mission Hospital benefit

I ended up making the glass frames as I never did find any...what are the odds that you can't score a pair of 'John Lennon' glasses in Asheville?! I'm sure I'll find them by the tens now that this is done. I think it works fine without them too, but once pal Holly named the piece for me, I wanted to make sure they made it in. I tried to find a link for the benefit, but it eludes me. I'll try capturing the evite and post it separately. There is a preview party next week at Blackbird Frame & Art - later post too.

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