Wednesday, July 2, 2008

a little plug for my sponsors...

Mountain Biz Works, of which I am a proud member and beneficiary of their incredible small business services, is having a gala fund raiser! I've donated a piece for their silent auction, and I may be calling on some of my other friends in the arts for donations, so heads up!

Click on the link above to get more information on the event (Thursday, September 18 at the Orange Peel), as well as more information on Mountain Biz Works.

Other blog updates - I just got a link to my friend Jen's blog for her business, Jenafusion. Check it out for some really cool handmade items using mainly recycled materials.

Today was busy and productive, but alas no pictures! Got a little more moved over to the new space, paid some bills, got some help scheduled for the weekend to do a lot of the big moving, did some tailgate shopping, met with Jane, hiked with Lissa, went bowling with my roommate and now settling in to update the books for the month. Nope, didn't get into the studio to throw, and had to just call it at one point rather than beat my head against the wall for not doing it. Tomorrow is early morning hike, into the studio to work on platters, then late lunch with Anne & Steve who are camping nearby in Pisgah.

Off to the books...peace

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