Friday, July 11, 2008

happy, happy, joy, joy

Among all the other remarkable things that were accomplished today, the most satisfying was finally getting back on my wheel, if only for an hour or so, and throwing in the new studio.

gotta work on the white balance

I know the picture looks like I'm backed into the corner but it's a bit of an optical illusion. The wheel is in the corner, but I think it's the cart in front of the wheel that makes it look small. From my perspective, I've got the whole studio in front of me and it's very open. Felt gooooood. I didn't have too much time, so I just played around a bit. I had the shot cups already in the wet box ready to trim, and then another lump of reclaim. I threw all the bottles off the mound, some flat bottomed and some to be trimmed out later. I even got a wonky little tray with the scraps, which as I write this I remember I left uncovered on the plaster, so it shall be a dry, wonky little tray when I get back in tomorrow. Just before the picture was taken, Lissa moved, but she's decided her favorite place to be when I throw is on the floor in the corner behind the wheel. She's a mama's girl!

my wheel, my studio
happy, happy, joy, joy

Other notable events for the day include getting the electric kiln delivered, thanks Bob again for your help and your truck, and thanks Beth for coming along to see the studio just in time to help move the kiln! The kiln placement motivated all sorts of other domino moving and reorganizing, but nothing actually put together yet (cue electrician, vent install and reassembly please).

Annie & Dan came by with quotes for the work tables and storage loft, and now those are under way. And that visit motivated more cleaning and moving things around that opened up the wheel area a bit. Actually, walking in the door motivates moving things around at this point.

The weekend will be split between studios. Sunday I'll load the gas kiln with Joey for a pre-Craft Guild fair firing, so I need to excavate all available bisque for glazing from the Odyssey studio. While I'm at it, that studio needs some serious attention to make it again functional for the next few months, and as I realized today I need to bring some of my tools over to the new studio to make that one more functional as well, although it was fun working with found tools I don't usually use and/or may have had another intent. And now I have a starter on the student tools!

sweet dreams..

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