Sunday, August 3, 2008

last dash before another pause...

Well this week I got a taste of what getting into a rhythm might be like. There were actually a few days during the week when I only had to be at the new studio, and while there are tons of little details to finish up, I just couldn't take it anymore and had to start throwing again. And a looming kiln to fill at the end of August was another motivation.

I know I promised pictures of my class, but I decided to wait until this week's class - the last one - to get the shots. They've been such a great class, each getting what they need from the short little sampler of a class. And on Friday, camera snugly forgotten on the desk, I hit Biltmore Avenue for all sorts of gallery fun. The Front Gallery at the Asheville Area Arts Council is featuring the artists of Clay Space Coop, along with Tom Pazderka. And down the street at Folk Art Frame & Gallery, a show featuring Clay Space member Kyle Carpenter, along with Michael Kilne and Daniel Johnston. This show is a collaborative effort with the Cloth & Fiber Workshop, which is also featuring work under the theme of 'Exploring Surface Design'. Both shows looked great, although with all the crowds of people you only seem to see at these events, I didn't get as close a look as I'd hoped. And there were several people seen across the room who I wanted to either meet or greet, but by the time I worked my way through, they were gone! But it was a good party, and another bonus was getting to peek in Ariel Gallery, one of my favorites in Asheville, in their brand spanking new space on Biltmore Avenue. Plenty to see in one little block, and Blue Spiral too of course.

This week also saw delivery of my work tables, thanks to Annie & Dan, and they are delicious! The legs are poplar that they harvested on their property, and other than the ply tops, the rest of the lumber is reclaim from some nice palettes courtesy of the glass studio next door.

new tables, new work, tired dog

The tables roll where ever needed, or away when not needed. And they seem to be the perfect height for the pug mill cart, although that's another task that still waits. Next week Annie & Dan come back and will install a storage shelf along one wall of the studio, which will help get a lot of extraneous stuff away and make room for better organization. Next week is also the Gay Smith workshop at Odyssey that I will be working as an assistant. I've been looking forward to the workshop since it was announced, although I admit pangs of really wanting to just hole up in the studio, finish all the details, get caught up on the paperwork and books and 'be open'. But Heather is also assisting, so with any luck I'll get inspired and awed during the day and ride that energy into the new studio and catch up on other work.

Now off to collect some old clay mags from a friend who's moving - good reference tools for future students, and nice to page through for me any time. Then back to Odyssey to finish prepping for the workshop. And then maybe back here...peace.

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