Sunday, July 27, 2008

humming right along...

I know I'm late with updates, but it's been a busy yet fruitful week. A few more things to put together and move into place and I'll do another photo round. Till then, it's not easy to see clearly, but I was thrilled to see my first hummingbird moth having a little buffet in the flowers outside my studio door. I had never heard of one before that - Annie & Dan stopped by to put some pallets next to the building for next week's storage shelf (those'll be in next week's update), and they saw him first.

When we first saw this little guy, he seemed to be hovering for generous helpings at each bloom, but of course when I had the camera in hand it seemed like someone sped up the film. I tried to get a profile shot, that really shows the 'hummingbird' look, but he just wasn't playing! I love how you can see the shadow of one wing on the left.

Ok, break's over, time to test the kiln and put together the pugger.

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