Monday, June 30, 2008

back to the business of business...

Someone told me that I should always have a picture to post with my blog entries, so in lieu of any interesting update pics from the new or old studio, my offering is this of the woods where I take Lissa for her morning hikes. That's her ahead of me on the trail by the tree. I chose this one because as I sit down to write this update, a gorgeous cool breeze is floating in my window next to the computer, reminding me of how lovely the morning hikes have been lately and giving me something to look forward to for tomorrow. The day after this hike, when of course I had no camera, there was a great mist and fog hanging over the tops of the trees, adding an element of mysticism to the experience.

I am very fortunate that this is the way I get to start my day, and I get to express my own gratitude in the beauty of these woods, chimed in by a very happy dog. Happier even today when I took her to the park by the river for a nice dip in the water (or three). She had it coming as she seems to have rolled in some poison oak, which has since rubbed off on me.

While I have gotten a good bit done since the end of the workshop last week, I still haven't actually been back to work on the wheel. But the good news is that I should get the majority of my 'working' studio moved over by the weekend, and I may even have a kiln to pick up by then as well. The electrician is on deck to get the kiln properly aligned, and new members of the team are hopefully coming in to build more pieces of the puzzle. Got a little more of the books in order, files set up, forms created, blahblahblah. All necessary and I'll be so happy to have everything in place, but it's amazing how much time whisks away while you're face down in a pile of papers. Much happier whisking away time at the wheel!

Tomorrow is shift day at the studio, but by tomorrow night I'll have enough packed up and moved around that I'll at least be able to sit at my wheel again. That kiln loading in about 2 weeks keeps coming closer!

Ok, off to pleasant dreams beneath a cool summer breeze...peace

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