Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Backing up a little...

I know I'll fill in a lot of the details as we go, but here's a snapshot of the development to date:

As my Residency is up in September, I've known that a new studio space was needed. I'm at a point where there are commission projects that interest me, but I need more space. I've always known that the Odyssey studio was a transitional space, and the Residency has provided me with two years of wonderful transition and preparation. In prep for the big 'move on', I joined Mountain Biz Works to help me prep a business plan and get some guidance in growing and expanding my business. To anyone in the Asheville area who hasn't checked out their small business development and support services, I highly recommend you do!

I enrolled in MBW's 'Go Program', which paired me with a mentor to help guide me through the actual process of getting my own business off the ground. My guide through this has been Jane Renfroe, a fabulous teaching artist who has been mentor, guide and friend to me throughout, and who I will happily be working with for the next few months while I set up the new studio. The Go program is set up for three months, and I figured when I started it in April that it was good timing to get my business plan solid and find a new space before the end of my Residency in September. The very first week we met, however, I noticed an ad for studio space. I didn't think I would be able to move on it, but of course it can't hurt to look, right? Looks good...great location...landlord who's worked in my seems reasonable... I go back to Jane and we decide to use it as a model for updating my business plan. Then it turns out that the reviewing board for start up loans is meeting in the next couple of weeks, and a whirlwind 2-3 weeks later, I've managed to put together the plan and the space is still available. And then they approve me, and now I'm getting the new space ready to move in!

People who know me know that this indeed is a short version of any story I tell! I'm taking the camera with me to get some 'before' shots to share today. And as promised, the cast of characters! Actual casting is still in progress, but the most important mascot and official studio dog has a lock on the starring role, so here she is!


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