Thursday, June 19, 2008

finally the pictures!

well at the very least, the 'before' pictures. This is a quickie because Lissa really wants to get outside and I really want to get her outside!

Here's the outside of my little studio, isn't it sweet?!

Crazy Green Studios

And here are a few interior shots - the floor actually is light green, but the lighting and my quick shots make the whole place look a little like the inside of a pool...but the light is really good inside, I haven't even had to turn the lights on yet as I've been doing most of the work so far this week during daylight.

This is just inside the door to the right. The right side of the picture/
that corner will be the office, and the majority of the rest of the
space will be the wheel area. I got the extra kickwheel in today
(thanks Patti!) and eventually my own kick will go in the
back 'left' corner (see the lovely shaft of light from the skylight!)

And this is just inside the door to the left.
The sink is there, and just around the wall on the left side
of the picture is the door to the hall bathroom. This side will
be for kiln, pugger, wedging, glaze stuff, etc.

I know it doesn't show much yet, but just wait! If I can get a little more manpower (or womanpower, I'm not picky!) tomorrow, I'll get the electric wheels in. Today I picked up some office stuff and put in some interim shelving so I can play more with the layout. Tomorrow I also teach in the afternoon, so I might just load up the car after the lesson and start bringing more from the current studio. It's a good thing I've got till September to dig out of there!

ok, short and sweet and time to walk the dog and water the yard! xoxo

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