Monday, June 23, 2008

I love craigslist!

I'll eventually do a little photo log of all the delightful things I've found on Craigslist that will end up in the studio. Most recently a very sweet 'farm table' that's serving as my desk, and just today the laptop on which I write this blog entry. As soon as I get all the files carried over, it'll be the studio computer and will hopefully help me keep the business end of this business all up to date.

And in the world of 'it's all in the timing', I had a shot at some great studio liquidation items, but because I couldn't go check it out till after the workshop today, I missed them all. Bummer, but it seems that opportunities like that pop up on a semi-regular basis, so the watch continues.

Today was day 1 of the Akira Satake workshop at Odyssey. I had my camera but was just to darn busy to take any pictures yet, so here's a snap of some of Akira's work and the technique he demo'd for us today:

kohiki plate

He did bring back the pieces of mine that he was kind enough to put in his inaugural train kiln firing, and I'll snap some pictures of those tomorrow and post. Some were refires of shino clad tumblers that came out of the soda kiln, and others were pieces decorated (some glazed, some not) in the McKenzie Smith workshop. More on those when I can post the pictures tomorrow, but some very cool results and I'm looking forward to making and glazing specifically for that kiln.

Back to work - gotta get the studio computer updated and fully loaded. peace out.

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