Friday, June 20, 2008

shopped now I'll drop

Today was a very productive day. Got the Shimpos moved to the studio with the help of fellow Resident and birthday boy Bob, and even got one out of the box and put together. Then Alex delivered the first cubby unit he built for me, and we settled on the next round of the order: ware shelves, wedging table and small ware shelves for the shimpos. Then the shopping! Found some good covered tins on craigslist that will be great for smaller amounts of dry material, then made trips to Harbor Freight and Lowes for all sorts of doo dads:

evidence of the day's foraging

So tomorrow will be putting the other wheels together, putting a finish on the new cubby storage shelves, putting together the sink shelving - the glamorous part! At some point, radical as it may seem, I also might get some other kind of work done...the pottery kind. The latest decal tests should be out of the kiln along with some bisque from the McKenzie Smith workshop. Many of the fab folks at the workshop made and donated bowls to Empty Bowls, and I think I'll take the ^10 bisque up to John's studio for glazing in the 'Empty Bowls' kiln. And then I may move other elements of my Odyssey studio to the Crazy Green studios...and then maybe throw a bowl!

Well I see by the wimper of the dog that time is up for this evening. toodles...xoxo

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