Monday, May 29, 2017

More Market Delights: 100 Days of Recipes, Day 48

It seems like it was JUST Day 47, and suddenly it's a week later, pots have been made, bisque fired, glazed, and as of earlier this evening, fired. Back to our regularly scheduled programming.

My beautiful Birthday Cake, made by my friend Lindsey - it's
got a bottom layer of dates and nuts, a layer of cashew creme,
and a top layer of strawberry cashew creme, with fruit and other edibles.
Birthday celebrations last week provided fun and delicious meals through the week, and hitting the Tailgate Market on my way to the studio for glazing on Saturday kept me stocked with goodies, even if I was too tired to do much with them.

Birthday dinner with friends at the newly opened Jargon,
someplace I will return to often!
Tonight after the firing, I had plans to cook up a nice piece of fish, but three 12-hour days in a row cast a strong vote for no cooking. Luckily, my bounty from the Market gave me a perfect and satisfying meal of lightly toasted levain, a schmear of mayo, beautiful cucumbers, radishes, and radish sprouts. 

Perfect light meal that tastes of late Spring.

A lovely taste of the season.

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