Friday, May 12, 2017

Avocado Toast - 100 Days of Recipes: Day 39

Avocado Toast

I can almost see some eyes rolling with the announcement of another Avocado Toast, and here's what I have to say about that:

I have been eating mashed or sliced avocado on toast for years. Until the 'fad' of Avocado Toast appeared, I just called it avocado on toast. Sometimes alone, sometimes with other stuff on it. Then it became a 'thing', and now, apparently, it's a 'passing thing'. Well I still love it, so maybe I'll just go back to calling it Avocado on Toast. And if you're over it, then don't eat it!

Not that I don't pay attention to fads, sometimes - I wouldn't have thought of using sweet potatoes as a 'toast' if it weren't also 'a thing', and I make my avocado toast that way often. Let's go to today's recipe now, because I'm tired of 'words in quotes'. :)

Avocado toast, on small stoneware plate with white salt glaze.

Avocado Toast

The truly wonderful thing about avocado toast is that the only real requirements are avocado and toast. Beyond that, it's up to you and your tastes. Today's 'recipe' (oops, I did it again) is simply:

Toasted whole grain bread
1/2 avocado, mashed with salt and pepper
1/2 hard boiled egg, lightly sprinkled with salt/pepper
a generous squirt of Sriracha

In that order, refer to the image if you need additional instruction. 

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