Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Welcoming new members...

It's been a bit more slow moving, getting back into gear at the studio after 'stay-cation'. After a whirlwind of movings, various show and commission deadlines, firings and general running about, it was nice to take it easy (relatively speaking, that is) over the last two weeks. I'm still unpacking, but getting settled, and now it's time to get back to the details of Crazy Green Studios!

One thing I've been fairly lax at is giving new members a proper welcome here in the blog. That changes today, and those of you who follow the blog will see repeat introductions as I am now taking pictures of the membership, for the membership (you'll have to come by the studio to see what that means).

So here are some of the newest members to Crazy Green Studios, and then a long overdue welcoming intro to one of the studio assistants who help keep the place running.

Matt was the high-bidder on a gift certificate at last year's
Mountain Biz Work's benefit. Hopefully this will be the
beginning of a long clay relationship!

Katie H. is an old friend and former student from other
classes I've taught, and she gave herself a studio membership
for Christmas. I'm so psyched that I've got another kick wheel soul sister!

Heather is one of my valued studio assistants, and a recent
grad of Haywood College in ceramics. I'll share pictures of her
glamorous work cleaning the sink trap, but as she is also
a fine potter, here she is getting her reward!

I'll be stalking the rest of the members with my camera, so stay tuned for more happy clay faces! Now it's back to planning spring and summer workshops, and scouting out more commission work to float the studio through the winter! Where are those June brides looking for dinnerware registries!?

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