Friday, January 16, 2009

chillin' at the stu, and planning workshops...

Actually, the chill is outside the stu. Inside it's toasty warm from my hearty little heater, which is pulling double duty as a drying box for some mugs. Tonight I'll load a bisque, and tomorrow I may not even have to turn the heat on. It's getting down to around 5 tonight before the wind, so we'll just see how much heat the little studio keeps.

In another installment of 'meet Team Crazy Green', today's intro is to Teva Hite:

Teva is a talented clay artist with a very cool eye for design and line, as well as a very welcome warped eye for the completely odd (ask to see her series of funky stamps!). Teva is one of my valued helpers, and today she actually came in just to work on some of her own stuff!

I've been working on the workshops for spring and summer, and they'll be announced soon. Well, okay, since you asked so nice, I'll just tell you that the series SO far is featuring the likes of uber-talented artists Becca Floyd, Heather Tinnaro, Holly deSaillan, Cynthia Lee and Becca Johnson. These are not yer grandma's workshops - stay tuned or join the mailing list to find out what's cookin' at Crazy Green Studios this spring and summer!

Pots on the heater are dry, time to rotate and start loading the kiln, then back to more mugs. peace.

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