Saturday, January 24, 2009

a break for puppy fun...

I knew by the time I posted this, the weather would have changed several times, and I was right. I finally took the camera with me to the park one fine, chilly day to get some shots of our little bits of winter. Didn't have any snow to speak of, but I loved the way the French Broad River looked with ice floating down.

hard to tell, but it's a rather large piece that was floating by...

And Lissa was in dog heaven, even without snow on the ground for her 'snow angels' - she recently cut her leg on a piece of broken glass during a walk, so I kept her on a short leash for walks over the course of several days while it started to heal. This is her way of saying "I'm so happy to be in my park!!!"

And of course now it's sunny and quite mild, and I love it but I still have hopes for just a little 'real' winter before the winter is done. Back to the wheel - pots to make! peace.

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