Monday, January 19, 2009

studio doings and another member hello

It's Inauguration eve, and being MLK day it's also a proposed 'day of service'. Since the studio is open today, our service here is making bowls for the Empty Bowl project and Imagine Render. Well at least I'm making bowls, and everyone who comes in today is welcome to join in! We're also having a little Inauguration celebration, since we're closed tomorrow, so there is festive pugging, throwing and toasting abounding!

In other studio news, I may have posted a picture of Helen before, but since we're doing the introductions I thought I'd get her again.

If you got the last member newsletter, it was Helen's pots that were featured in the 'member spotlight'.

More members are starting to get back into the routine of coming to the studio, and I'm seeing all kinds of cool forms coming out of their brains and onto the wheel.

These are some of my demos - we were talking about altering on the wheel, adding texture and generally playing around with forms, and what you can do with and after a trim. I'll start taking some pictures of the member work soon - it's great to do a demo, and then see it go through someone else's filter and come out as a piece of their own.

Back to the bowls, and then I'll also do some 'regular' work as well today. peace.

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