Tuesday, January 27, 2009

cool project, cool gallery, cool book...

Art House Coop in Atlanta has a very unique way of putting together an exhibit, one that invites such open collaboration across all boundaries and is truly inspiring...and fun!

I joined in on the Scavenger Hunt Project: I got a list of items and I sent back my representations of the list (well, some of the list, I didn't join till very close to the deadline date and I'm not saying I procrastinated, but things come up, time goes by...). There were 375 submissions, so I'm very pleased that one of my items did indeed make it into the printed version of the project (which you can order via the link by clicking the image above!). I'm on page 59, and you're just gonna have to get the book or come by the studio to see my copy if you really want to see it. All the items were also exhibited at the Coop, which is worth a visit if you're in the area - or just check out the newest calls for entry and join a project yourself!

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